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Dog Luxury Suites

large luxury suite
Large Luxury Suite
medium luxury suite
Medium Luxury Suite
medium luxury suite
Medium Luxury Suite
small luxury suite
Small Luxury Suite

Luxury Suite Information

Pets vacationing in the luxury suites enjoy the comforts of home. These are set up like rooms. Each room has wood walls and a glass door. They have access to the outdoors through a doggie door onto their own private patio 24/7/365 and are also allowed outside into an enclosed yard multiple times per day. Each pet is let out individually by room. Luxury suites are air conditioned during the summer and heated through radiant floor heat in the winter (i.e. floors are warm). The floors are tiled. All pets have their belongings at all times.

Last call 10pm potty breaks can be added to any style of lodging for only $10 per night.

Luxury Suite Sizes

Large Suite: Either 12' x 8' indoors & 12' x 8' cement outdoor patio OR 12' x 12' indoors with 12' x 5' pea gravel outdoor patio

Medium Suite: Either 6' x 8' indoors & 6' x 8' cement outdoor patio OR 6' x 12' indoors with 6' x 5' pea gravel outdoor patio

Small Suite: 4' x 8' indoors & 4' x 8' cement oudoor patio

Feeding & Multiple Pets: If your pets can not be fed together, please keep in mind that one of the pets will be locked on their outside patio until they have finished their meals, even in the winter months. If you do not want this to occur, please bring a crate that will stay in their suite that one of the pets can be put into during feeding times. We can not split pets up for feeding times using other suites or having staff stand in the suite.

Every Room Includes:

  • Radiant heat floors for winter
  • Central Air Conditioning for summer
  • 24 hour access to outdoors through "doggie" door onto a private patio
  • Kuranda bed(s)
  • Total privacy when indoors
  • Cathedral ceilings
  • Multiple Potty Breaks in grass yard each day
  • Doggie Cams available from 8am - 6pm
  • Music 24/7, Soothing Classical during nap times & overnight


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