Requirements for Dog Overnight Care at Milton Manor

Please take a few minutes to learn more about some of the requirements regarding overnight care of your dog at Milton Manor.

For general information on dog accomodations including pictures and descriptions, visit the dog boarding page.


Please call one of our reservation specialists for details.

See our dog boarding page for information on lodging options.

To see a complete price list of all the services we have to offer visit our Rates Page.

Severely Shy, Aggresive & Difficult Pets

Unfortunately, if your pet will not let us handle him or her while boarding, we will not be able to care for your pet. We need to be able to comfortably place a leash on your pet or move your pet in the event of an emergency.

Diabetic Dogs

We do not accept diabetic dogs or cats as they don't do well with boarding. If you have a diabetic pet and are in a need of boarding, please call the Ballston Spa Veterinary Hospital or the Greenfield Animal Hospital.


Unfortunately, we can not board any pet that has just been spayed/neutered, had a major mass removed or is required to wear an e-collar. Any new incision that contains sutures or staples has the risk of opening up during a stay especially if being chewed on or licked or even becoming infected etc. Pets tend to be more active and excited when lodging rather than just lounging around when at home, which is a requirement during the recovery time. This is very difficult when there is so much activity going on around them. We do require all sutures/staples to be removed and no special medical care to be required prior to starting a lodging stay.


Oral medications that can be given with your pets meal are given at no extra charge. However, if your pet needs to be "pilled," needs ear medication, eye medication or topical medication, there will be a nominal fee of $2.00 per administration.

Vaccination Requirements

All dogs are required to be current on their distemper (DHLPP), Rabies and bordatella vaccination (canine cough) to board with us. Short-muzzled dogs are also highly recommended to be current on the Canine Influenza vaccination (however we do recommend that all dogs be vaccinated, but is not required). The bordatella vaccination (oral form) can be given with us but is highly recommended to have been administered at least 1 week prior to their stay. The distemper and rabies vaccinations must be administered by a veterinarian and thus MUST be done prior to boarding.

Deposit Requirements

A deposit may be required, especially during our busiest times of the year such as holidays and school break periods. The receptionist will let you know if you will need to submit a deposit at the time you make your reservation. If a deposit is required, you can pay via gingr but must be submitted before your reservation is guaranteed.

Reservations at our facility are limited for many of our boarding options and we become full very quickly during peak seasons of the year. Many times clients forget that when our facility reaches capacity, we are forced to refuse reservations. When someone with a current reservation cancels or does not show (or adjusts in some cases) last-minute, we often cannot refill the space.

Please visit our Dog Boarding Deposit page.

Arrival Information

All pets should arrive on a leash or in a carrier. This helps to ensure we eliminate any unnecessary quarrels between pets.

Upon arrival at our facility, your animal will be examined and if fleas are found, a Capstar or Frontline will be administered at the owner's expense. This is to help keep our establishment free of fleas and also protect all of the animals staying with us.

Personal items may be brought with your pet for his/her stay. However, it is requested that you not bring anything expensive or of sentimental value, as sometimes pets damage the items. We are not responsible for loss or damage of any items. Please label all of your pet's bedding with the pet's name and last name. In the event that it gets dirty, labels make it easier to keep your pets items identified when they are being washed. Please do not bring any bed larger than 3' x 3' unless your pet will be staying in one of our luxury suites and there is ample room.

Dog Food & Feeding

Please bring your pets usual food from home as it helps reduce the possibility of stomach issues occurring from changes in diet. If you decide not to supply your own food, dogs will be fed house dry food at a cost of $1 per cup. Please do not bring a 40 lb. bag of dog food for a 2 day stay. Please bag each pets meals individually so we know that your pet is being fed properly (dry food only). Please do not label each bag with a specific day unless you have something special in the baggie. Labeling with AM or PM, if the baggies have different amounts in them, is appreciated. Please keep in mind that if you are scheduled to pick up your pet during our afternoon hours, we will not feed your pet. This will help to reduce the risk of stomach problems from overexcitement or from the car ride home. Pets are fed up to twice daily, morning and afternoon. Additional meals are $2 per feeding.


If your pet is on any type of medication or vitamin supplements, please supply an adequate amount and we will be happy to administer whatever is necessary. Oral medications that can be given with your pets meal are given at no extra charge. However, if your pet needs to be "pilled," needs ear medication, eye medication or topical medication, there will be a nominal fee of $2.00 per administration. Please clearly label the container with your last name, pet's name and dosage instructions.

Emergency Situations

At our Saratoga dog boarding facility, your pet is like one of our own. Should a problem arise in your absence, we will perform any necessary treatments to ensure your pet's good health. We ask that you leave an "emergency number" of where you will be staying, or that of a relative or friend who would either be able to contact you directly or make an important decision regarding your pet in your absence.

We have a veterinarian available for emergencies only. The Northway Emergency Clinic will be used for emergencies outside of normal business hours. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY EXPENSES OF EXTRA VETERINARY CARE.

School Season Discounts

Discounted Rates Apply

When school is in session there is a $10 per day per pet discount to the base boarding charge for those staying in a Dog Luxury Suite, Studio Suite and Indoor-Outdoor Rooms. On the calendar below, the white days are school season, the yellow days are peak days, the blue days follow the special hours below.

View Calendar 2021 View Calendar 2022

Special Holiday Hours

(The front lobby is closed for drop offs and pick ups most hours on holidays- WE CARE FOR YOUR 4 LEGGED FAMILY MEMBER 365 DAYS A YEAR)

New Years Eve (Open 8 to 12 ONLY) Drop off & Pick Up

New Years Day (4:00pm - 4:30pm) PICK UP ONLY $10 Fee

Easter Sunday (4:00pm -4:30pm) PICK UP ONLY $10 Fee

Memorial Day (4:00pm - 4:30pm) PICK UP ONLY $10 Fee

July 4th (4:00pm - 4:30pm) PICK UP ONLY $10 Fee

Labor Day (4:00pm - 4:30pm) PICK UP ONLY $10 Fee

Thanksgiving Day (CLOSED)

Friday After Thanksgiving (4:00pm - 4:30pm) PICK UP ONLY $10 Fee

Christmas Eve (CLOSED)

Christmas Day (CLOSED)

Boarding Agreement

Please submit the appropriate Boarding Agreement in order for your pet to stay with us. Please submit electronically by logging into your Gingr portal account.

Boarding Agreement

Doggie Cams

Doggie cams are offered as a complementary service to our suite clients. Milton Manor Pet Resort & Spa will not be held accountable for failures due to power outage, technical problems or software issues.

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