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Littles having Fun

Daycare Packages & Options

Rates as low as $28 per day.

Daycare can be purchased on a single day basis or in packages. All packages expire 6 months after date of first use. Multiple dogs from the same family can share one package.

Call one of our reservation specialists to see if your pet would be a good match for our group play.

To see a complete price list of all the services we have to offer visit our Rates Page.

Treats for Mid-Day Nap Times

Frozen Peanut Butter Snack Kong
Ice Cream Sundae


  1. All dogs are required to be current on their distemper (DHLPP), Rabies and bordatella vaccination (canine cough) to join daycare. A fecal test every 6 months is also highly recommended. The bordatella vaccination (intranasal form) can be given at the Resort prior to your scheduled daycare reservation but is highly recommended to have been administered at least 1 week prior to their visit. The distemper and rabies vaccinations must be administered by a veterinarian.
  2. Puppies must be current on bordatella, current in their distemper series and have received their rabies vaccination prior to their assessment day.
  3. All dogs over 6 months must be spayed or neutered.
  4. Daycare is available for dogs 25lbs and 80lbs for large dog group (Monday to Friday) or up to 25lbs for small dog group (Mondays and Thursdays only).
  5. All dogs must pass a strict evaluation prior to admittance into our daycare program. Evaluations are $35 (which is the cost of daycare and it includes the evaluation).
  6. All dogs must attend at least once per week. Unfortunately, we can not accept dogs for a single day or just over a short period of time.

What is the Daily Routine?

7am - 9am = Drop Off

9am - 12pm = Enrichment Program through mental stimulation such as working on sit, stay, gate control, boundries, recall as well as games and play in small groups

12pm - 2pm = Lunch & Nap time

2pm - 4pm = Group Monitored Physical Stimulation through group play

4pm - 6pm = Pick Up

Important Information About Doggie Daycare

Please keep in mind that daycare is intended for dogs that are well socialized with other dogs and enjoy off-leash group play. Daycare is NOT intended as a means to build communication skills and confidence in dogs that do not enjoy socializing with other dogs.

All pets should arrive on a leash. We will remove your dogs leash and collar during play as we play "naked" for their safety.

Your dog will be examined upon arrival at our facility, and if fleas are found, a Capstar will be given at the owners expense. This is to keep our establishment free of fleas and also protect all of the dogs in daycare.

Please feed your dog at least 1 hour prior to dropping off for daycare. We will not feed your dog while attending daycare unless for lunch during their midday break.

Your dog will always have access to water while playing. It is very common after going home from a full day of play, that your dog will act like he/she did not have water all day. Give him/her time to relax at home before offering water.

Understand that you dog will be crated or in an individual 3' x 4' run for nap times during the day.

We recommend that your dog attend daycare on a regular basis. As we are a small facility with a ratio of 15 dogs to 1 staff member maximum, we have limited space and priority will be given to our regular clients when making reservations. UNFORTUNATELY, WE DO NOT TAKE DOGS FOR DAYCARE FOR SHORT TERM PERIODS. THEY MUST ATTEND AT LEAST 1 TIME PER WEEK.

All breeds welcome under 80 pounds. Must pass requirements stated above.

If your dog is lodging in the Resort, daycare can also be added to their stay if they currently attend our daycare program. They will join daycare during the day and spend nap times in their suite in the Resort.

Reservations are required as we have limited space. 24 hour cancelation policy. Please review as part of our daycare agreement.

Inappropriate Behaviors in Dog Daycare

Unfortunately, if your dog shows any of these, he/she will not be able to continue in our program.

  • Lack of recall
  • Excessive humping
  • Excessive barking due to high arousal
  • Excessive jumping on human
  • Pinning other dogs
  • Inappropriate greetings (because we are a small daycare, all dogs play in one group and need to get along with every other dog)
  • Bullying
  • Stalking
  • Resource guarding (toys, space, human)
  • Nipping at other dogs (any part of the body)
  • Inappropriate corrections
  • Anxiety around other dogs
  • Trying to leave daycare or hide (a sign that the dog is not comfortable)
  • Aggression toward other dogs or humans

IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL = Any Bite that Breaks the Skin (Dog or Human)

Dogs playing in a daycare environment is very different than dogs playing with one or two other friends. Just because they like other dogs, does not mean they will do well in a daycare setting or more importantly behave appropriately. A large group of dogs can bring the arousal of some to a high level that can be dangerous for others.

Please understand that we are always looking out for the best interest of your dog and want them to succeed. If your dog is not accepted, or over time is released from daycare, this does not mean your dog is "bad". If just means they may be more comfortable or enjoy themselves more doing a different activity such as one on one play, "play dates", agility, fly ball and other mentally and physically stimulating activities.

Daycare Application

Please complete our Daycare Application. Please submit electronically by selecting "Submit" at the bottom of the form. Please also fax a copy for your pets vaccination records to 518-691-4361 or email to - Once all information is complete and we are ready to schedule your pets assessment, we will email our contract to complete as well.


Electronic Daycare Application

Is my dog a good fit for off-leash group play?

Please read the articles below

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Exaustion is not the measure of success.

My dog got kicked out of daycare.

Daycare Closed on Holidays Below

New Years Eve

New Years Day

Easter Sunday

Memorial Day

July 4th

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Friday After Thanksgiving

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

Tour Our Facility

Please enter through the Resort entrance.

Available 7 days a week.

Appointment needed!

Please note that while dogs are playing, only staff are allowed in the daycare area. You will be able to see the area through a viewing window or from video on TV monitors in our Resort lobby.

**Please Note: Resort is closed to tours during holiday weeks and weekends, mid-winter & spring breaks, and other popular vacation times when the Resort is at capacity with boarding guests.


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