Mani Pedi Programs at Milton Manor Pet Resort & Spa

We offer 2 different Mani Pedi Programs: Simple Mani Pedi and Perfect Mani Pedi (includes filing)

Payments can be made Monthly (15th of each month via a credit card on your file) or One Time per Year.

Each program allows you 1 mani pedi per month.

Mani Pedi Program Rates

Simple Mani Pedi $18 per month $180 per year
Perfect Mani Pedi (Doggie Daycare Dogs) $18 per month $180 per year
Perfect Mani Pedi $22 per month $220 per year

Why are regular nail trims so important?

If you can hear your dogs nails clicking on the floor, they are too long. Its time for a Mani Pedi!

Long nails cause multiple problems:

  • They can easily be broken or crack
  • They can make it difficult for your dog to walk normally, being a source of discomfort
  • The longer you allow the nails to grow, the longer the quick or blood vessel in the nail grows making it harder to trim the nails short
  • They are painful to you when your dog jumps up to say hello
  • Long nails can affect posture
  • They can destroy your hardwood floors
  • They can grow back into the pads of the feet
  • Call us today to schedule your pets next Mani Pedi and to sign them up with one of our programs!

    grind vs clip
    Clipping vs Clip with Grind


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